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Select Vintage Tonewheel Console Organs



DrawbarCity offers a select group of pre-owned organs with rotary speakers and organs without speakers. Most come with a warranty. Financing and Leasing is available for most units as a package. Financing is not available on individual used speakers.


  • A package is an organ and speaker.
  • Any speaker(s) listed as a single unit do not qualify for financing.
  • Connection kits and installation cost extra.
  • Delivery, out of the Philadelphia Tri-State area, can be arranged at an additional charge

Select Used and Restored Organs

KillerB3All of our used organs are customized to the clients needs. When we do received a used tonewheel organ we almost always do a scanner cleaning and we always replace the power line that goes from the power inlet box up into the organ as the orginal old plastic coating is dry rotted. Many organs also will have the keyboard and pedal buss bars cleaned and new upstop felts for the keyboards as well. And for Churches we make all of our organs N.E.C. (National Electric Code) compliant.

Our stock of vintage tone wheel organs and Leslie Speakers is constantly changing. I you would like to know what we currently have please call us at 484 478-0095.

Model D

A GREAT SOUNDING ORGAN. If you ever have played a MODEL DV you know that the sound of this organ is deep and very warm, do to the second tone generator. Plus this has Chorus/Vibrato as well.

This organ is in nice shape.

Pricing to be announced soon.




You have to play this organ to believe it! This organ started life as a model A and had the drawbar shelf replaced with one from a B2/C2 with smooth drawbars. Split keyboard Vibrato/Chorus by adding a scanner and v/c line box added. Finally it had a TrekII preamp and TrekII percussion controls added to make it like a B3/C3.

If you know how deep and rich the sound of a Model A is and you love the attributes of a B3 or C3 then this organ is out of this world. It is ready to be connected to a 122 or new 11 pin Leslie like the 122XB.

With approved Church leasing your Church may only have to pay about $200 a month.

More Information Coming Soon.


USED Hammond Model CV and 22


This Hammond Tonewheel CV has its bench and pedals. The organ has been gone over in our shop, and it plays well.

The cabinet is a little rough but if you want a solid organ that works and sounds great then this might be what you're looking for.

If you want to use the new 300 watt 971 Leslie this CV is ready to connect as all our organs are NEC compliant.

With Church Leasing Approval your Church's payment may be as low as $275.00 a month. Usually one advanced payment is required.

A-100 French Provincial

Used Hammond A-102 French

This organ is in great shape. It's an 8 looking and 10 playing. We can add a New Lesile Speaker to this organ, and it will sound as good as any B3

The organ still has its built in speakers and is ready to connect to a 147 or 145 Leslie Speaker.

More info coming soon.

Pre Owned Leslies

We currently have no used Leslie Speakers available. Any that you see above are already paired with an organ.

Call for current used Leslies. 484 478-0095

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