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Preserving the Heritage of the Tonewheel Organ

DrawbarCity™ - Rebuilding, Restorations, Upgrades & Service

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Let's face it, there are a large number of vintage Hammond Tonewheel Organs and Leslie Speakers out there. DrawbarCity™ is the Vintage Drawbar Organ division of Diversi® Musical Products.

Here are a few of the services offered:

  • N.E.C. (National Electric Code) Compliance Upgrades
  • 21st Century Upgrades
  • Interior overhaul and upgrades of the organ and/or speakers.
  • Full custom refinishing of your organ and speaker.
  • Live Evaluation of your present instrument over the Internet.

More Info - Rebuilds

New Leslie Speakers

New 122A, 147 A and 122XB

Your old tube based amplifier friends.

Info on the 122a 147a and 122XB

Leslie Model 981

The most powerfull full sized Leslie Speaker Made.

981 Leslie Speaker

Leslie Model 3300 and 3300w

  • New Category

A little cabinet with a lot of Power!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Is Your Vintage Hammond Organ & Leslie Speaker SAFE?

Will your Hammond Organ and Leslie meet and be compliant with the National Electric Code?

In most cases the answer is "No." If your Church has either a Insurance or Electrical Inspection the organ and Leslie Speaker might not pass and you can be told not to use it.

This is important information for all Churches. Click on the icon below for more information.

New Section - Buyer Beware!

With the increase in vintage organ and Leslie Speaker selling scams we have added a new web page about the pit falls of buying a used tonewheel organ and/or Leslie Speaker.

Many times we get calls after someone or a Church has bought an organ or Leslie Speaker from a "private party" or someone claiming they know "this guy" that can "get you an organ cheap."

Don't end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars extra or get scammed by someone claiming that an organ is "rebuilt" when nothing has been done. We know one church, in Camden, New Jersey that spent $8,000.00 for a used B3 and Leslie that had at best only the dust and dirt blown out of it.

We are providing this as a public service.

Click on the icon below for more information.


NEW! OnLine Service Request.

If you are currently a client or you are within the Tri-State area and would like to request a service call, you're invited to use our new online request form. This form can be used on your computer, tablet or smart phone making it even easier to request service no matter the time of day or night. Click on the Button Below.

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