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Hammond Organ Center is now DrawbarCity

Same people, same great service and same great products. The only thing that has changed is the name. And as always, "Serving the needs of Gospel Churches and demanding musicians."

As you may know Diversi Musical Instruments is our other company. It has been operating since 2003. We decided to merge both Hammond Organ Center and Diversi Musical Instruments into one new company called Diversi Musical Products.

We are expanding the services that the Hammond Organ Center has been offering, such as rebuilding and restoring organs, on an international level. We feel the new name DrawbarCity is reflective of our more comprehensive goal in regards to the Vintage Tonewheel organ and the new drawbar clones.


Is your Vintage Hammond Organ & Leslie Speaker Electrically safe and will it comply with the National Electric Code?

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Let's face it, there are a large number of vintage Hammond Tonewheel Organs and Leslie Speakers out there. DrawbarCity™ is the Vintage Drawbar Organ division of Diversi® Musical Products.

DrawbarCity™ offers many services making it the only manufacturer of new drawbar organs offering support for the older tonewheel console organs.

Here are a few of the services offered:

  1. N.E.C. (National Electric Code) Compliance Upgrades
  2. 21st Century Upgrades
  3. Interior overhaul and upgrades of the organ and/or speakers.
  4. Full custom refinishing of your organ and speaker.
  5. Live Evaluation of your present instrument over the Internet.

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New Diversi Keyboard

TX-5 Classic

The Diversi TX-5 Portable utilizes its own proprietary DSPlus™ physical modeling sound system which offers the best cloned tonewheel organ sound. Unlike others, we don't use long loop sampling or other sampling forms. As with all previous DiversiĀ® organs, we pay close attention to the drawbar sound and don't add sounds you probably won't use.

Diversi now offers programmable presets, editable features and MIDI control features you need.

Add a lower keyboard when you want and you have a two keyboard organ. You can even add a stand to have a great look.

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